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Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope For Singles

Positive affirmations and creative visualisation are powerful tools that can create the sort of life you want. Once you do this it will free up your energy to focus on what you really want. An impending interview, business meeting or assessment will encourage you to make a good impression.

Far from being uncomfortable and awkward you will feel a huge weight lift from your shoulders. Meanwhile, keep your options open regarding travel arrangements. Today though, you will definitely accomplish a lot more if you work with others and accept assistance instead of flying solo. You can also achieve more for the greater good if you have an extra pair of hands. Use your innovative and progressive ideas when it comes to reaching goals. Again, you can fast track by calling in some favours.

This week’s sweet planetary energy builds up to a full moon in Aquarius.

Regarding your love life there may be an incessant need to dominate your partner. Your higher mind, which can be accessed in silence, has just as much information for you as the people and media in your immediate environment. Avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding by speaking and listening with extra sensitivity. Focus on finances this month, as the Libra Sun invites you to balance your budget and gain peace of mind in money matters.

A new approach to old financial issues is possible now, with a fresh perspective on your resources. Re-vision your relationship to abundance and prosperity, noticing any negative thoughts about what you deserve and what you're worth. Release anxiety and re-set your mind in a positive direction! Happy Birthday, Libra!

Daily Beauty

The Sun in your own sign puts you in the spotlight and launches a new cycle. You may want to make changes to your appearance or how you present yourself to reflect your new sense of identity. Take time to recalibrate your inner scales before making any big decisions or taking action. Exercising, getting a massage or meditating are some recommended routes to inner peace.

This is a quiet time for you to focus on your inner world as the Sun hides out in your realm of Spirit and Secrets. Rest, retreat and reflection are strategies for returning to a state of internal harmony and recharging your batteries. Your sensitivity and intuition are stronger than ever now, and you can more easily tap into the wisdom of your dreams. Discover what wants to be released so you can make a fresh start when the Sun moves into your own sign next month. The Libra Sun energizes your social life and opens doors to new visions for the future.

By connecting with others and contemplating different perspectives, you receive innovative insights that could alter your life's direction. You're also seeing current friendships in new light, and rethinking which connections best serve you. So it's a 10 dollar thrift store top and you're wearing it to a black-tie event.

Weekly Horoscope: August 12 - 18

When you get loads of compliments and someone asks you the designer, just say it's vintage. Neptune Rising!

Daily Astrology Horoscope: January 31 - Materialize Your Inspiration!

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